Three Story Victorian with Tree

Before today I had never heard of Mike Doyle, but he has immediately become the top AFOL architect in my mind.  So unusual to see a completely black and white structure too.  Be sure to check out his flickr page to see another fantastic structure.

This is why I’m such a fan of LEGO – not because their stock sets are fun and creative (which they usually are,) or because they are the best children’s toy available (which they definitely are,) but because of what truly talented people can do when they set their mind to it.  It’s no different from a hobbyist’s model kit, except with LEGO you create your own instructions and choose predetermined pieces from an incredibly diverse range.  Yet you can still create something as perfectly amazing as this structure.

-via The Brothers Brick

RSS feed malfunctioning

RSS feed seems not to be picking up the post that I made before class today, so I’m going to be troubleshooting that with this post.

Edit: seems that I had to take the page public in order to make it work- strange that the first two posts showed up fine, but it shut down Google Reader after that.

Ken Segall on Apple’s Profits

Apple’s final humiliation of Microsoft

I don’t have a hope of topping this summary so I’ll just present it as is.

Such an unbelievable turnaround, and the best part is that Microsoft hasn’t shrunk at all. It’s still as necessary to the Windows and Office crowd as it ever was. OEMs definitely haven’t started using other operating systems, and businesses are still overwhelmingly PC. This growth on Apple’s part is nearly all due to the “less space than a nomad” mp3 player and the “most expensive phone ever.” (Which is posting to WordPress right now, something that we couldn’t hope to do in 2007.) Just wait until the iPad takes off even more – it’s already a household name, unlike any other tablet. I like their strategy. I like it a lot.

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