MOC of the day

Planet of the Apes

Keith Goldman does what he does so well – a diorama without borders on a scale so massive that cameras just can’t capture it all.  Someday I really need to see one of these in person.  Unlike some of his past work, I’m not utterly smitten with this based on the accuracy of the MOC (Who ever heard of apes piloting mecha?)  But I have to admit that the idea is executed well, and it makes for a far more interesting scenario.  The details mixed with the expansive cliffs are classic Keith; his camerawork is flawless as usual.  He’s added in vehicles from other builders, but they all feel like they belong together in Keith’s universe.  The familiar futuristic Japanese designs and bamboo  are an old favorite and the fantastic little walker ties it all together.  And that lava tunnel through the cliffs?  I’m going to assume it leads straight to a prisoner camp and ape village.  Of course it does, because we all know that I control the action with these sorts of things!