Gruber has spoken

Obviously when John Gruber starts making predictions, the tech world perks up its ears. There aren’t many who possess so much insider information, logical reasoning, and knowledge of the New York Yankees’ bullpen. (Seriously, don’t follow him on twitter, unless you really like baseball)

Yesterday he published an article about the next generation of iPads in which he basically laid out his own thoughts on the product cycle. This time, though, he claimed absolutely no inside information. As hard as that is to believe, he was very clear:

“Henceforth, when I say I’m guessing, I’m really guessing. That includes what I’m about to guess about the iPad hardware release schedule.”

Did that stop multiple websites from going crazy over his guesses? No, it most certainly did not. His big theory is the imminent release of an iPad 2, then a new, souped-up version in September. This would make for one of the shortest release schedules in Apple’s history, and I’m not convinced that they would do that. He’s right that an April release is a strange time, but Apple seems to know what they’re doing so far. Some of us appreciate not having to wait from October to June for a major new product release, and I’m sure plenty of people will buy it no matter when it’s released. Maybe he’ll be proved right, but I’m calling this one “claim chowder.”

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