Problems with iBooks

It looks like the news has finally broken about iBooks and its ability to detect jailbreaks, but they have a few facts wrong. It seems I noticed long before those in the mainstream since I’ve been living with this issue for weeks now.

I’m guessing no one realized since GreenPois0n was just released, but my older iPod worked with the untethered Redsn0w months ago. One of the perks of having an outdated device is apparently more rapid jailbreaking.

Unlike what’s being reported, the previous version of iBooks also prevented you from reading on a jailbroken iDevice. This only applies to DRM versions – Project Gutenberg titles are completely unaffected. Strangely enough, the solution (before today’s updated Redsn0w) is just to open the offending book many many times. After about 10 or so tries, it will reluctantly let you read. Inconvenient yes, but it allows me to actually use what I buy. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of Redsn0w, just poke that book on your shelf until iBooks gives up the fight.


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