It just doesn’t get any more pertinent than this – a sleek light gray slab with a smooth black bezeled screen, razor thin keyboard and an iconically symmetrical white mouse. This isn’t Jony Ive’s work, but rather Chris McVeigh. I’ve featured his art before, and it really is artistry. You can’t get any better than his sly vignettes, and he was a guest artist on Gizmodo a while back (also designing an iPad). Now he’s designed the first LEGO Mac that really does justice to the svelte and stylish design put out by Cupertino. The best part is, the LDD file is freely available for download, so you can take a look at the build in all its detail. What the Flickr photo doesn’t show is that he even included the air vent and some ports on the back. Sadly, the rear apple logo didn’t make the cut, but I imagine it could be added with a minimum of fuss. Edit: he’s updated the LDD file to include the logo, as mentioned in the comments. The keyboard is pretty great too – all the tiles are properly proportioned for space, shift, and return keys, with a very appropriate and simple angle.

It far outstrips the previous LEGO iMac I’ve seen, although the disk drive on that one is a nice touch.


One Comment on “iMac”

  1. Chris McVeigh says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words — and you’re right about the missing Apple logo. I’ve now added it and updated the file.

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