The new MacBook Pros have gotten universally positive reviews around the web. Well, if you don’t count the regular neckbeards on Gizmodo and Engadget comment boards, that is. And who really listens to them anyway? There is one part about the new machines that might disappoint buyers though, and that is the stated battery life.

After last year’s models claiming 10+ hours of battery life, a mere 7 hours seems so 2008. But, as usual, there’s a good reason. Apple, alone among computer manufacturers, actually uses normal activity as its metric. No longer are its estimates based on idling with the screen at its lowest brightness, but rather internet surfing of popular websites while playing music and videos.

This kind of honesty, presenting a lower number on paper while actually giving a more honest result, is what sets Apple apart. I know of no other major company that would make its product look bad at first glance and then follow that with a frank explanation of why.


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