Letters To An Absent Father

This really doesn’t fit with the other topics on the site, but I felt that it deserved a mention. I’ve recently started playing the classic Pokémon games again for old times sake, except now I’m using an emulator on my iPod (don’t worry, I’m only playing the games I already bought long ago). Anyone who grew up at the same time I did will remember how Pokémon literally consumed 2 years or so of grade school, so it’s a pretty big nostalgia trip.

Anyway, I’m a fan of good webcomics as well, so I went looking for a few about Pokémon and stumbled on Maré Odomo’s “Letters To An Absent Father” – a charming little set of drawings about Ash’s mysterious missing dad. I always wondered about this, and felt incredibly guilty leaving my mom all alone in the house in Pallet Town whenever I started a new game. Ash is only 10 in the anime, so it always felt horribly irresponsible. I think the official story is that Ash’s dad is a wandering trainer, but why do we never hear about him?


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