Warning: decade-old chocolate candy and small plastic parts do not mix well.

Over my spring break, one of my goals is to finally take stock of exactly what parts I have at my house and figure out a good way to transport them all to my apartment next year. Some of this is just curiosity, some is frustration at not being able to build at college, and some is in preparation for a new MOC.

Last night I dug into my biggest LEGO box, which hasn’t been seriously looked at for about 10 years. This wasn’t due to any dark age, but I tended to keep the newer or more useful bricks in my bedroom while the bigger, more inflexible parts got shoved in the basement. This box eventually filled up with other old toys as well, so going through it and picking out everything was quite the challenge. Most annoyingly, a tootsie roll ended up at the bottom somewhere along the line, covering dozens of parts in a sticky brown goop that necessitates an overnight soak to remove.

It looks like I’m going to have to move on into the world of an organized AFOL, which will be a pretty major transition. I’ve always been more of a “reach into the jumbled box” kind of builder, but that system is started to get on my nerves. Starting tomorrow, I’ve resolved to catalogue each and every one of my pieces (that I can find) into an Excel (really Numbers) spreadsheet for easy organization and then split them by color and type. There are way too many loose minifig hands and mismatched legs, for example, that need to be kept out of the main parts bin. Will I give up partway through and toss everything back in the way it used to be? Maybe, but I’m going to try.

How will all this fit in a few small containers to head back to college? I’m not sure, but the biggest challenge might be getting my girlfriend to accept all these dorky bricks moving into our small apartment.


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