iPad hands-on

Well, I took a trip to the local Apple Store to try out an iPad 2 in depth, and I learned a few things. First, it’s perfect for anyone who knows nothing about computers. This is an old discovery, but it’s truer than ever. Facetime and PhotoBooth really flesh out the possibilities in the latest model. It’s also very fast – I noticed a few slowdowns, but it was overall incredibly snappy. It handled multiple multitasking apps and didn’t lag much in the slightest. If I was made of money, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for everyone I know who has computer troubles. I’d also make excellent use of it, but that’ll have to wait for a bit.

Unfortunately I had to take a short trip over to the MacBook Airs to write this, since the online WordPress editing didn’t work at all on the iPad – typing resulted only in white space. Obviously it can’t do everything, but I’ve had good luck using BlogPress on my iPod touch – I’m sure it works just as well on the iPad.


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