mini review: Ninja Training Outpost

I was out shopping today and decided it was time to look at the Ninjago sets and see what they were like. I’ve seen the online pictures, but wanted one of my own. Ever the big spender, I chose the tiny Ninja Training Outpost for a measly $4.99 – it looked like a decent amount of minifig weapons and some newer parts I didn’t yet have.

I got to try out my new database sorting by cataloguing all the pieces before I started building, and even a 45-piece set took far longer than I was hoping it would. I’ll have to streamline the process white a bit to make it feasible in the long run. Now I finally have a use for Bento, almost exactly 1 month after I downloaded and later trashed my 30-day free trial copy! Such is irony.

The set itself was predictably easy to assemble – the real goal here was to get a hold of one of the new ninja minifigs and the accessories. There’s a target for archery or throwing knives, and a sort of dragonesque weapon rack that doesn’t really do much. I did appreciate adding a red technic rod into the middle of the target to add some color, but unfortunately it prevents the little ninja from sticking a bullseye into the target. Oh well, this set isn’t designed to be permanent anyway – the weapon rack is flimsy, and doesn’t even hold all the swords, spears, knives, and bow that came with the set. It’s obviously designed to fit with 3 other similar sets, which I didn’t realize when buying it.

I was surprised to see the same bow and arrow mold that came with my castle sets years ago, especially since I believe there was a new one released – the grip always wore down and looked pretty bad. Maybe I’ll treat it better this time. The katana has a square handle now, which looks fine, but doesn’t fit too well into the ninja mask like it used to. It probably just has to loosen up a bit first. The ninja minifig is just as good as the old ones, probably better with printed legs and a more detailed torso. For some reason, stumpy little ninjas work really well for me.

I bought it for the parts and probably won’t make it 2 hours before tearing it down, but it was worth the $5 to see some new molds and old favorites. I might have to spring for one of the new dragons or dojo though to get a real taste for the theme.


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