Nannan’s LEGO

Contributor to the Brothers Brick and top-notch AFOL Nannan was featured on the Dallas Morning News talking about his hobby and showing off his massive collection. If I had that wall of drawers, I could maybe fill 5 of them – hence my recent need for LDD. So jealous of his unopened box collection too.

He’s absolutely on target when he says that LEGO is mentally exhausting; my latest MOC took me about 10 hours, 8 of which were done straight in one day. That’s substantially longer than usual for such simple shapes, thanks to some ridiculous limitations of LDD, but still. It really does take over your life and leaves you utterly drained but happy afterwards. He forgot to mention physically demanding as well, since I tend to build on the floor (only large enough flat space I have) which leads to sore knees, stiff backs, and headaches that don’t go away for a couple days. Even the LDD stuff gives you a nasty cramp in your mouse hand when you do nothing else for 8 hours. It’s worth it though.

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