Mac OS X turns 10 today, since version 10.0 shipped on 3-24-01. A lot of the mac blogs are running stories, but TUAW has put together the best compilation I’ve seen, with some excellent screenshots and videos of each product announcement along the way. I especially recommend the 10.0 intro to get a nice background on the system.  TUAW only includes part 1 of most events, but you can see part 2 of the 10.0 intro here. If you only watch one video, I’d choose that one – the joy in Steve’s voice when demoing the new Aqua GUI is classic. He could minimize those windows all day long.

Fun facts I learned from these videos (I hadn’t seen anything after 10.0 and before 10.6):

– OS X wasn’t the most popular UNIX os until 2003 – mac market share was obviously much smaller back then.

– Sherlock was still around from OS 9 until 10.4, even though Tiger included Spotlight as well.

– Steve says “boom” a lot (ok I knew that already).

If you care to see what came before, the OS 9 intro is here, although the video is incredibly fuzzy. Perhaps the best part of that video is Steve wearing a suit; looks like his turtleneck didn’t get washed that day. Another great moment in Mac OS history was the OS 9 funeral held at WWDC 2002, complete with coffin and melancholy organ. Silly me for using a dead operating system for 5 years afterwards. That resulted in my jumping all the way from OS 9 to Tiger, which was basically the most amazing thing ever. In fact, it probably sparked my desire to follow tech news ever since. If you ever want to feel like you’re living in the future, go almost 10 years without upgrading computers – a 5-flavors iMac to a tiny MacBook was an incredible leap.

Thanks OS X for a great decade, and we’ll see where you are in another 10 years.


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