skeuomorphic overload

Normally I’m pro-skeuomorphic software design. I use SpeedTask every day, and I don’t mind Calendar and Contacts on the iPad at all. There’s something to be said for providing people with an instantly familiar and timeless interface. A strictly digital interface like Windows Phone 7 might alienate or confuse users due to the lack of traditional real-world reference points, but an app that mimics real life has a lower learning curve.

Apple has apparently decided to shower the skeuomorphism all over Lion, bringing as much of iOS back to the Mac as possible. iCal was already redesigned to look more like the iPad’s version, but the second developer release takes it to a new level:

9 to 5 Mac has the scoop on the massive change in iCal’s window design, and all I can say is “holy leather!” I don’t know whatever happened to the Human Interface Guidelines, but I’m pretty sure this breaks almost all of them. Just look at those puffy buttons! Remember back when Leopard was released and Steve touted “unified window design” as a feature? Times change I suppose. In 6 months this redesign will be the norm, and we’ll just have to adapt. Hopefully Lion’s UI won’t suffer too much by making every app this colorful; we’ll just have to wait for the final version. Just please, please don’t bring back the brushed metal.


One Comment on “skeuomorphic overload”

  1. NetscapeNaviagator says:

    Not this shit again, we went through this garbage in the late 90’s
    Don’t see why we have to repeat all those mistakes again but with nicer looking gradients.

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