Concentrate all eyes on that Super Star Destroyer! has let slip an image of a new UCS set – the impressive Super Star Destroyer. It’s always been a great ship, and the UCS version looks excellent as well. Anyone looking for bley in huge quantities – here you go! I have to wonder why they include 5 minifigs though. It’s not like they’re anywhere close to scale, and I don’t believe that other UCS sets (besides the Falcon) came with figs before. I could be wrong about that, but it seems like a departure from the norm.

The best part about the leak is the paranoia expressed by all the afol blogs. After telling websites not to release watermarked images or those from other websites, LEGO was the one who dropped the ball on this one. Besides, compared to the Apple sites I read, a company communicating with its fanbase and actually warning them before taking down photos seems downright sentimental.

– via From Bricks To Bothans


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