Ironman (Plasticman?)

Orion Pax‘s Ironman is one of the more solid figures I’ve seen, with excellent proportions and robust limbs that hold up well. I know how difficult it is to hold up the surprisingly heavy weight of a detailed large figure, but Ironman looks sturdy and comfortable standing in several locations. It’s a pity that the photos aren’t larger, because I can’t quite make out many of the details that make up his armor, but the greebles look fantastic. The whole MOC conveys power and presence, and looks like it could take a few hits in a fight. As Ironman should, of course.

Update: Some Flickr commenters pointed out that the size ratio of the limbs and head seemed a little off, so Orion Pax posted a few new pictures to the set and elongated the arms by one stud. The new photos are much better, and really make you appreciate the scale of this thing.


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