life-size LEGO Space

UK designer Jonathan Robson has created a life-sized space helmet to help children learn to read. The helmet has speakers and a usb port to play audio recordings, which he makes available online. These correspond to LEGO comic books, inspired by the originals he enjoyed reading as a child. While I’m not convinced that shutting kids in an isolated aural space with an audiobook is the best way to learn to read, I do think kids would enjoy it for short amounts of time. I love the helmet’s design too – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve squinted through a tiny LEGO visor to see what life looks like through trans-colored plastic. Without the audio capability, this would still be a great role-playing toy for kids. LEGO should definitely release a line of prop helmets to match the weapons they already make. (But only the regular themes, since Bionicle masks and shoes failed to catch on years ago.)

-Via Engadget


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