1-Bit Ninja

I’m a huge fan of old-school platformers. I freely admit bias in that area of gaming, but nevertheless I think this new iOS game looks incredibly fun. Not only does the developer stay true to the old monochrome palette and chiptunes, but someone finally understands how to make platformer controls! So many of the classic old games are ruined on a touchscreen by tiny virtual buttons, but this game needs only a tap on the right or left side of the screen. So simple, but so commonly overlooked. Will this sell like hotcakes? Most likely not, but I’ll buy it. Oh yes, and the 3D gameplay twist promises to make it play like a unique game, not just another Mario clone.

Via MacLife


One Comment on “1-Bit Ninja”

  1. […] been excited about this game for a while, so I bought it as soon as possible. I haven’t been disappointed. Indeed, 1-bit Ninja has […]

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