Terry Lucy’s empty MacBook Air

I envy Terry Lucy. I really do. Somehow, months after purchasing his first Mac, he’s only installed 8 third-party apps. After an Enough-inspired purge of my Applications folder, I’m still left with a whopping 99. This does include the built-in applications, but still. Here’s what he has, simply because I find it fascinating. I have several of these, but not every one.

Spotify — Music player. If it weren’t for iOS updates, I would delete iTunes.

Twitter for Mac — Can’t find anything else as unobtrusive and easy to use.

Linkinus — IRC client whereby I talk to my fellow Macgasm contributors.

Google Chrome — For Flash sites and for being logged into two WordPress accounts at the same time.

Dropbox — Best Mac application. Period.

Droplr — Currently trying it out, though it will be deleted soon due to lack of use.

Skype — I’m a Podcaster, I need it.

FaceTime — Because video calling on Skype is lame.

Best quote from his article has to be this:

It’s worth noting that it really doesn’t matter what any of us say. Good advice is there to be had but computing is very much a one-to-one task. No one can tell you what you need or what you should like, you have to figure that out for yourself.

I take that to heart every day – no one can use my computer like I can, and I feel like a foreigner on anyone else’s. Many of my friends wouldn’t touch a Mac with a 9-foot pole, and that’s fine. I don’t tell them what they should use, and (for the most part) they don’t argue with me. It’s an argument no one can win.

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