Why, Mac App Store, Why?

There seem to be as many valid criticisms of the Mac App Store (botched updates, approval process, Apple’s 30% cut) as there are positives (security, convenience, price). But what really gets me is the strangely inconsistent window behavior. On a Mac, when you close a window, the application is supposed to keep running. There are always weird exceptions like System Preferences, but they tend to be minor; not something you’d want running in the background anyway. iPhoto has always been the outlier to this, and I’m increasingly frustrated that the Mac App Store is as well. When I close the window, I expect it to keep downloading my updates or purchases in the background. Like every other application I own. Instead, it stops everything and quits if I touch that red button. The last thing I need is an extra window open every time I’m downloading something. Get it right, Apple. These are your own interface decisions you keep breaking.

One Comment on “Why, Mac App Store, Why?”

  1. sparkyman215 says:

    So true. But when i’m downloading an app on my dock and if i close it, it still downloads. Not sure about updates though. I usually just hide the page, which is pretty much the same thing.
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