Everybody Hates Their ISP

Ben Brooks has a few choice words to share about his cable provider, Comcast. The wonderful company I pay in Madison is Charter, and they have similarly incompetent staff.
But the real kicker comes when he calls DSL “not real internet.” Where I live, only 20 minutes from Milwaukee suburbs, we can’t even get DSL. Dial-up has been the sole service available ever since it was invented. I keep hoping AT&T will expand its DSL service to our location, but no luck so far. If you know my opinion of AT&T, that gives you an idea of how desperate I am. There is a cable line in the road outside, but a Time Warner representative actually told us there was no amount of money we could pay to have them run a branch to our house.
The bottom line is that all ISPs are infuriating. Must be a mutual conspiracy or something.

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