Where have all the tags gone?


It seems that Posterous does not seamlessly autopost to WordPress after all. Ever since my transition to writing on Posterous and having articles autopost to my original legomac site, the tags on each post have disappeared. They do appear on Posterous, but never on WordPress. Normally I’d just revert to posting on WordPress to get the tags back, but no matter what I do, they refuse to show up. I can draft a post in the online WP editor and it will still refuse to add tags. This is worrisome, since I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to find anything new that I write. All I can hope is that the new Posterous site gains back the readers I’m undoubtedly losing on WordPress. Looks like unless I can sort out the problem, Posterous is the default way forward. That’s a pity since I actually like my WordPress theme better, but at least Posterous lets me edit the HTML. Now I just have to learn how.


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