A free iPhone 3GS in fall?

CNET reports on an analyst’s prediction that Apple will offer a free 3GS with contract in the fall. It sounds great on paper, but there are several reasons this will not happen. Apple hates outdated hardware. The 3GS is old, bulky, has a low-resolution screen, and a slow processor. Above all, Apple wants a quality experience, which the 3GS currently cannot provide. Also, the 3GS will almost certainly not support the full iOS 5 and any advancements it may provide. It’s currently listed as a compatible device on Apple’s site, but so was the 3G with iOS 4. We all know how well that turned out. Apple wouldn’t sell a totally non-upgradeable phone that is already 2 years old. Most importantly, analysts talk about crazy possibilities all the time. Mostly, they make up things off the top of their head and get them published. I doubt this guy has an sources at all other than his own twisted logic.

Edit: Yup, I was totally wrong. Apple did exactly this and now I see how wise a decision it was. I unfairly lambasted the analyst and apologize. Rational thought was not on my side this time.


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