Verizon’s new data plans

It had to happen sometime. Verizon has dropped its unlimited data plan for smartphones and replaced it with tiered options. While many are complaining about the loss of unlimited data, I was actually looking forward to this. I can’t afford (at least in good conscience) paying $30 per month plus a voice plan. I’m usually on wifi, so I was hoping for a small but inexpensive option. AT&T has their $15 for 200mb plan, so I was happy to see Verizon’s $10 for 75 mb plan. 75 mb is paltry, but it’s better for me than paying $30 per month. Unfortunately, Verizon has limited that useful plan to feature phones only. John Gruber also dislikes this, postulating that the lower price would get more people to switch from feature phones to app phones. The cynical answer is that carriers probably don’t care if people buy feature phones or not. App phones don’t make them much more money, especially when people buy apps elsewhere. For at least one customer though, the iPhone remains out of reach thanks to their greed.

– via Daring Fireball

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