Apple Store Observations on the New MacBook Air

Cody Fink at MacStories reports on his latest visit to the local Apple Store, where he played with the new MacBook Airs for an hour. However, his real goal was to observe the customers interested in Apple’s latest notebook. It’s an interesting experiment, and one I’ve done less seriously many times. By taking the time to listen, he discovered some interesting things about people’s perceptions of the Air. It turns out that most shoppers were looking for a college laptop as a family, as one might expect. People have serious misgivings about the lack of an optical drive, and most have trouble believing it has the speed and processing power to hold up. These are deal-breakers for some, despite what Ben Brooks thinks. The average consumer is still deeply entrenched in the specs-only method of buying computers, and seeing miniscule storage space, absurdly thin design, and no optical drive can be a turn-off. I know several people who have passed up the Air for the latter reason alone. As Cody says in his conclusion, the Air is truly ahead of its time, but I have a feeling that it won’t be for long.

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