The Last March of the Ents



OneLug is showcasing an incredible creation – a truly giant diorama of the Battle of Isengard from the Two Towers. Featuring a 7 foot high Orthanc and more than 25 Ents squashing hundreds of Orcs, the display is faithful to the movie scene in exacting detail. They’ve built a convincing flood from the newly-destroyed dam, along with a flaming Ent running towards the oncoming water and even added Orc campfires and armories. Merry and Pippin ride atop a fantastic Treebeard, while Saruman is safely ensconced in his tower with Grima. But the fateful water wheel lurks below waiting to gruesomely end his life later in the movie. These builders thought of everything, and it’s an extremely impressive showpiece. It’s literally too big to fit in any one photo, so be sure to check out the Flickr set. It’s traveling to Brickcon if you happen to be in Seattle next weekend. 

– via The Brothers Brick 


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