The largest iPhone market

iPhones are cool gadgets, and undoubtedly many people want the latest version. Tech pundits upgrade every year to stay current, as do technophiles the world over.

But regular people just want a phone, and most people I know will get whatever model is free with a contract. While the 4GS is a fantastic new phone, I predict massive sales from the 3GS for this reason alone. A free iPhone is incredibly compelling psychologically, even if it’s 3 years old and doesn’t hold a candle to modern smartphones. It’s still an iPhone running the most current software available. By giving people a free upgrade with a contract, Apple and AT&T stand to sell a ton of these. I honestly can’t imagine a better free phone on the market today, and just saying “free iPhone” will light most people’s eyes up. (I know because I tested it on my girlfriend.)


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