I designed this little cycle last night after realizing that the round fan cowling pieces could double as pretty neat wheels. I was struggling a bit to figure out a way to fit a minifig in such a small space with so few stud connections when I thought of the new Atlantis suits I got a few months back. The standard technic holes on the back of the suits were just what I needed.


The minifig isn’t very creative, but I needed his dark bley and lime color scheme to match the rest of the moc. Besides, he’s named “Ace Speedman” according to LEGO, which is just about the best name possible for a cycle jockey.

Since the suit is locked in, and essential to the build’s structural integrity, it’s less of a motorcycle than an exoskeleton of sorts. I don’t know if anyone has used the Atlantis suits like this before, but it seems like a great way to build larger mechs or hardsuits with an easy cockpit.


It’s a small and quick build, but I like how it tuned out. Head over to the Flickr set to check out the complete set of photos, including how the minifig fits in with the suit.

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