I’ve missed a bit

I haven’t been posting here nearly as much as I want to be, and I’m sorry about that. Applying for graduate schools and getting started on a new job have been sucking up far too much time lately. Nevertheless, I hope to carry on with regular contributions here, staring with a lengthy list of things to catch up on. Here’s a summary of everything I’d like to talk about but no longer have time to cover in depth.

– I’ve built a working lightbox to finally take decent LEGO photographs, so I’ll be uploading more to my Flickr page as time goes on. I’ve got a few MOCs from long ago that deserve a decent photo shoot, so expect some more of my own designs to show up.

– LEGO Universe is officially shutting down. Hardly unexpected, but still sad. I never got a copy to try out, but I understand it was fun and creative. They never found a good strategy to monetize the fantastic game experience though, and it fell through. Supposedly LEGO is committed to their gaming lineup and isn’t giving up on other, more successful games like those from Traveler’s Tales.

– LEGO DesignByMe is also shutting down. I can’t get too upset by this since the service was drastically overpriced, even by LEGO standards. But it is a little confusing since I loved the idea of designing a set in LDD, designing my own box, and getting a custom set shipped to my door. Pick A Brick is still active and cheaper, but there needs to be a good way to transfer LDD models into real bricks. Either build a new way to ship custom sets or route the parts to Pick A Brick, but don’t give up on the idea completely.

– LEGO CUUSOO launched in beta. I love this idea, and I plan to contribute votes often. The idea is to upload pictures of a custom set, and then users vote for their favorites. If a set gets the required number of votes, it will be released by LEGO as an official product. There’s a ton of potential here and some excellent MOCs. My personal favorite is a transforming Valkyrie that is the best I’ve seen online. I’ve been making slow progress on my own Valkyrie for a couple years now, and this is very close to what I hope to achieve with my finished model. I just need to get my hands on more joints! Anyway, many projects there deserve some support.

– The Cult of LEGO book was released. This looks to be a stellar compilation of building techniques, history, and stunning MOCs all put together into a handsome hardcover. I plan on getting a copy.

Some stuff happened in the tech world too, but there’s too much to cover even in summary. iTunes Match, the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet, and Google’s new superphone, the Galaxy Nexus, are all released or coming soon. Oh, and Adobe cancelled Flash for mobile devices in a convoluted blog post. Carry on.

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