Build-It-Yourself Ornaments


As much as I usually dislike mentioning Christmas before Thanksgiving, it’s never too early to start planning a new build – especially when you can hang it on your tree and celebrate the holidays in true LEGO style.

Chris McVeigh (powerpig) has updated his holiday models from last year and added some new ones to the mix, including a tiny Millennium Falcon counterpart for this Death Star. If Star Wars tree décor isn’t your thing (unthinkable, I know), there are plenty of traditional models to choose from. They’re free to download (you’ll need the free LEGO Digital Designer software to view the files), and you can order the sets from inside Digital Designer itself. Buyer beware, since this method, while easy, is also the most expensive. For a cheaper route, download the parts list and either scrounge the pieces together at home or get them from Pick a Brick.

If you’d like to support Chris for making his ornaments available to all, consider purchasing a set directly from his Etsy page.


If you’re the sort of person to craft and hang little Death Stars from your tree, chances are you’d also be interested in these Star Wars snowflakes I found last year. I made the original versions from this site, as well as a Princess Leia version. Just keep in mind that these rather intricate designs take forever to cut out (almost 45 minutes each in my case) so set aside some real time if you need more than a few flakes.


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