Old Creations

I’ve posted some old MOCs to Flickr. I built these almost a decade ago but never got around to photographing them. Since they’ve stood the test of time and never been dismantled for parts, I finally gave them a home online.


These are very small creations, born from the necessity of a very small parts pool. I have fewer bricks than almost anyone I know, and yet I’m the one writing about LEGO. Go figure. I built in a rather unusual scale, smaller than minifig but larger than midi. The models are about half as long and one third as tall as a normal minifig-scale creation, but that scale let me make some unique shapes from many fewer pieces.


I incorporated some MegaBloks into this one. As shameful as I am now, there’s no way to replace them with standard LEGO elements. Besides, the design is one of my favorites just the way it is.

The designs are simple by AFOL standards, but I like them despite their small size. I’ll always have a certain nostalgia for them, and I think they hold up relatively well against similarly-sized creations.


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