Official Minecraft LEGO Sets


After only two days on LEGO’s crowd-sourcing website CUUSOOMinecraft developer Mojang has successfully accumulated the necessary 10,000 supporters to begin creating an official set.

LEGO has released a rather stunned press release, promising to move quickly to review possible set ideas, decide whether Minecraft is a good fit for the LEGO brand, and whether or not to go ahead with a final product. After 1-2 weeks, LEGO model designers will work with Mojang to finalize the sets themselves and begin producing a shipping product.

I’m not a Minecraft player myself, but I’ve heard only positive things about it. It’s obvious that the game has a committed fan base ready to snap up these sets, and hopefully LEGO doesn’t have any problems crafting a finished product. My guess is that LEGO is thrilled to tap into a new market with such high demand. It’s also heartening to see that one of LEGO’s online services finally worked for the company. After the closings of Universe and DesignByMe, I was starting to worry about LEGO’s online failures. This is a resounding success any way you look at it, and probably got many more people to sign up for and use CUUSOO.
– via the Brothers Brick

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