Classics in Lego


Tonight I was combing through my starred Google Reader articles and rediscovered this ancient (in internet terms) post by Stephen Hackett. Shows you how far behind I am with my blogging.

The article he links to on Retronaut showcases the Classics in Lego set by Flickr user Balakov. He’s probably most famous for turning some of the world’s most iconic photographs into LEGO, though he also makes many other fun scenes and vignettes. I remember that his was one of the first AFOL profiles I stumbled upon when I first started this blog nearly a year ago. I’m a bit chagrined that it took me this long to actually write about it, but take a look. It’s always rewarding to see clever LEGO photography, and he posts some of the best.


As an aside, it’s exciting how many Mac nerds on the internet bring up LEGO. Stephen’s posted a couple great links this year, and just today I listened to Myke Hurley gush about Life of George and CUUSOO on The Bro Show. Even John Siracusa saw fit to include a section on LEGO Star Wars in his Hypercritical podcast not too long ago. The obvious love for LEGO by premier tech writers and podcasters makes me feel like combining the two topics might not be that unusual.

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