For those with an unhealthy obsession

Marilyn Halpin reports for Macgasm on this slightly disturbing Steve Jobs action figure. I saw this earlier in the week, but I never realized how far the manufactures went. Not only does $99 get you the figure with “piercing eyes of soul,” but you also get two pairs of glasses, three different hands, fully removable (shudder) clothing, some miniature bitten apples, and a presentation setup with backdrop and stool. Unsurprisingly, Apple legal has already sent a cease and desist letter.

Buying this would definitely set one one a higher-than-usual “fanboy” pedestal, but I have to admit that the detail and care put into the figure is impressive. I’ll stick to my little Steve Jobs LEGO minifig, but I could see a collector getting this. It isn’t that far off from collecting anime figurines or the Obama action figure. Also, I can’t see how Apple legal has much of a leg to stand on in this case. Before when they ordered companies to stop producing Steve Jobs figs, the policy presumably came from Steve himself. To me, it’s much creepier that Apple is claiming to hold legal rights to Steve Jobs’ likeness, persona, and wardrobe. Something about any company owning a person’s distinct “look” strikes me as wrong. It’d be different if his family wanted it removed from sale, but they don’t really have any formal ties to Apple anymore. It’s strange enough to sell a Steve Jobs doll, but even weirder for Apple to own the likeness of a dead man. Perhaps I’m off base here, but I can’t recall another company exercising that amount of control over a founder’s image. If it’s included in a logo, sure, but Steve Jobs’s face isn’t trademarked by Apple (I hope).


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