The LEGO Gender Gap: A Historical Perspective

David Pickett at his Thinking Brickly blog covers the LEGO Friends backlash with the most detailed post I’ve seen. He dissects the m/f figure ratio of every year since the minifig was introduced, and explains why the past girl-centric themes failed. The suggestions he offers on how to improve the inequality are creative and useful, such as supporting new projects on Cuusoo that feature female protagonists. I set out to write the best justification I could for Friends, but David has done one better. His conclusions are a little more negative than mine, but we’re pretty close overall.

This is how you construct a strong argument against LEGO Friends. Not by filling a petition with blatantly wrong information and blaming LEGO for taking away our daughters’ creativity. While I don’t agree with a few things David says (like his criticism of the minidoll figures), I can’t fault his logic. His point regarding the LEGO family motto (“Only the best is good enough”) is particularly poignant. I’m glad to see there are other people taking a rational, detailed, and thorough approach to this. That’s something I can get behind, no matter what the conclusion.

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