LEGO Moleskines

Yesterday’s edition of A Look at LEGO brought my attention to Moleskine’s new partnership with LEGO. Starting March 1st, they will sell a custom version of the classic notebook, complete with minifig stickers and a brick. I’m not totally sold on the idea of embedding a brick into the cover or applying stickers to the cover, but what do I know? Maybe LEGO fans like stickers on their notebooks more than parts.

There is one glaring omission in the lineup though, as square-ruled paper is not an option. I use mine frequently as a sketching tool for MOC planning, and I know I’m not alone. If Moleskine is hoping to sell to LEGO fans, I’d expect them to include their best paper for LEGO designing. I suppose the plain paper would work pretty well, so maybe I’ll pick that one up.

– image via FreshnessMag


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