Insanely Simple: A different kind of Apple book

Ken Segall worked for years as creative director for Apple; he’s responsible for the Think Different campaign and naming the iMac. Now he’s written a book that explains his view of the world’s most successful company. Titled Insanely Simple, it could fill a gaping hole for those of us disappointed with Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. Isaacson’s book covered Steve’s personality, but it never bothered to delve into his life’s work in any detail. Now we have a book written from first-hand personal experience during the most exciting time of Apple’s rebirth. Insanely Simple is primarily a business book, but it’s sure to be filled with new information on what exactly makes Steve and Apple so fascinating.

Ken is a great writer, and I’m a big fan of his blog. You can pre-order the book at several locations, such as iBooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I have a feeling this is the inside look at Apple that so many have been waiting for, but it’s sure to be a good read regardless. If you’d like to know more about early Apple and what makes it so successful, Insanely Simple looks like a worthwhile purchase.

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