Massive Aquanauts Creations

I’ve been combing through Brickshelf lately in search of Aquanauts MOCs. The underwater theme has been my favorite ever since I received a Crystal Explorer Sub for Christmas 1995, but it’s been sadly neglected by the AFOL community lately. Aside from a clever Aquanaut Speeder Bike last year, Aquazone is all but abandoned on Flickr. Thankfully, there was at least one builder I found on Brickshelf cranking out truly stunning Aquazone material as recently as 2008. The photo quality is absolutely abysmal by today’s standards, but the included CAD renders are still as impressive as ever. Among a solid portfolio of submarines of all sizes, modular colonies, and enclosed shipyards, the monorail base stands out. The building techniques aren’t terribly advanced, but somehow every MOC seems to perfectly capture the ’90s LEGO aesthetic that I love so much. Just about any of these could be official sets if price and piece count was no barrier.

Here’s hoping that Aquazone makes a comeback among AFOLs, or else I’ll have to be the only one still making submarines.


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