Apple and LEGO are getting even greener

Apple’s new data center in North Carolina has been certified LEED Platinum thanks to the largest end user-owned solar array in the U.S. adorning its roof. Data centers, filled with power-guzzling servers, aren’t usually the best place for alternative energy sources, but Apple has designed its center with plenty of innovations to compensate. From the reflective roof, high-precision cooling fans, and locally-sourced, recycled construction materials, it’s clear Apple put some thought into this. Their newest data center is being built in Oregon right now, so the NC facility might even be outdone in short order.

LEGO’s parent company, KIRKBI A/S (which owns 75% of LEGO) has gone even bigger, investing 3 billion Kroners (400 million Euro) in an offshore wind farm that will eventually power LEGO’s entire production by 2015. KIRKBI’s 25 turbines are projected to exceed LEGO’s power consumption through 2020 and beyond.

Both companies have historically worked to become more sustainable, so these developments should come as no surprise. As detailed on its environmental footprint page, Apple has eliminated toxic chemicals in its products, shrunk its shipping boxes to almost comically small sizes, and started its own recycling program. LEGO doesn’t have to worry as much about the materials they use, but they have also made an effort to reduce their box size and use recycled paper whenever possible.


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