Iron Builder Excellence

Two of the most prolific AFOLs on the web are battling it out right now in the Iron Builder contest on Flickr. Bruceywan, master of creating everyday objects with astounding realism, is matched up against Legohaulic, whose extensive portfolio contains dioramas, figures, spaceships, and mosaics of the highest quality.

The goal of Iron Builder is to craft as many creations as possible that each contain a specific piece. This round’s secret ingredient is the Modified 1×1 clip light in Azure, so look for it in every MOC. Aside from that, there are no other theme or presentation requirements. Bruceywan’s stuck to his normal focus on objects, while Legohaulic has branched out and created figures, mosaics, and vignettes that all contain at least a few azure clips.

The contest isn’t over for a few more days, but here are my favorites so far:

Bruceywan’s LEGO Notepad:
This was his first model for the challenge, and it still looks perfect. From a thumbnail view, it’s nearly impossible to tell that it’s made from LEGO. That’s always a sign that the builder is top-notch.

Legohaulic’s 1950’s Soda Shop:
I’m a sucker for old diners, and this one’s spot on. From the perfect bar stools and soda jerk to the suave greaser, this perfectly captures the essence of the fifties. You can almost hear the jukebox playing in the background.

Of course, Bruceywan’s competing jukebox actually does play some classic hits, as well as lighting up. I don’t envy the judges on this one.


One Comment on “Iron Builder Excellence”

  1. konnan hosick says:

    I want that diner bad.

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