Apple Stores on CUUSOO

Speaking of LEGO and architecture, some interesting Apple Store designs have popped up on LEGO’s crowd-sourcing site CUUSOO. These have absolutely no hope of getting produced (can you imagine Apple giving permission for their logo on anything?), but they are nice models that deserve a mention. In fact, they deserve your votes too, so go to CUUSOO and support whichever one you find most attractive (or, better yet, all of them.)

This model from “gotoandbuild” made the rounds of several Apple news sites, and has racked up 1,800 votes thanks to the exposure. That’s not all that close to the necessary 10,000, but it does make it the most popular so far. It started off as a small store and morphed into a larger construction as it gained momentum. The inclusion of Steve Jobs and Steve Woz figures (including Segway!) is genius, though I’m not a big fan of the interior since the computers are fairly bulky and drab. That Apple logo could use some work too, but overall it’s a nice set.

This alternative from “kjveg1” is my favorite, although the main photo doesn’t give it credit. Since it’s created with LDD software rather than physical bricks, it’s harder to get compelling images. This building is about the same size, but the products inside look much better and it includes the classic window displays featured in every Apple Store. The hanging logo on the second story is nearly perfect, and there’s an absolutely remarkable billboard on the back. Even the “floating” glass staircase is just right. I might have to build this one myself someday.

Last but not least, “Sess” has proposed a LEGO Architecture set featuring the famous 5th Ave. Apple Store in New York City. The iconic cube lends itself well to microscale LEGO, and the Architecture sets command a premium brand that fits Apple. It’s a much smaller construction, but it would look fantastic on my desk.


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