An official Shaun of the Dead LEGO?

Yatkuu‘s CUUSOO rendition of the Winchester Pub has reached the necessary 10,000 votes after it was mentioned by Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg during his appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show.

It’s a fantastic model, complete with everything necessary to recreate the zombie apocalypse, but I can’t see LEGO actually producing this. R-rated violent films aren’t exactly LEGO’s wheelhouse, and the company is very protective of its child-friendly image. Besides, much like Minecraft Micro World, this might not have a broad enough appeal to be a successful product. LEGO seems to be experiencing the power of internet fads, where a niche product gains thousands of supporters overnight and is then forgotten by the vast majority.

Perhaps because of this, LEGO has introduced an approval process to CUUSOO that will screen for plagiarized or objectionable sets much like Apple does in the App Store. While there are solid arguments for and against app store censorship, I can’t imagine much pushback for LEGO’s new policy. There are far too many duplicates and low-quality projects on CUUSOO, and this should address the problem.

Regardless of whether LEGO actually produces the Winchester, I encourage you to check out the set in more detail. This is a first-class MOC that earned much respect from the AFOL community long before Conan shared it with the world. Congratulations to Yatkuu for such a creative model and the support thrown behind his ideas!


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