LEGO is heading Back to the Future

“If you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

That’s probably what CUUSOO users Masashi Togami and Sakuretsu thought when they created this fantastic DeLorean Time Machine. This model has been up on CUUSOO for a long time and steadily accumulated votes until it passed 10,000 late Saturday night. The car is well done for minifig scale, but the minifigs are the real stunners here. Since Back to the Future is a trilogy, they just had to include exquisitely detailed Marty and Doc figures (and hover modifications for the DeLorean) from all three films. Check out the official project page for more photos.

LEGO’s official comments are promising, although they’d obviously have to get an official license to sell the set. I don’t know what mindshare Back to the Future holds with kids these days, but I imagine the legions of older fans who would purchase this set could more than make up for its age. The films practically define the 80’s, and I’d wager the franchise still has more fans than Minecraft, EVE Online, and Shaun of the Dead put together. LEGO seems to like the idea of releasing a commemorative set for the trilogy’s upcoming 30th anniversary, though that won’t happen until 2015.

I’m just glad that an outstanding, kid-friendly MOC finally got voted to the top. Back to the Future is one of my favorite films, and I’d snap this up faster than you can say “Great Scott!” Let’s hope LEGO feels the same.


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