DropKey Free on the Mac App Store

Have a Mac? Want to share important files securely, but don’t have the time or inclination to figure out how? Then get DropKey from WellRedApps for free on the Mac App Store until May 20. Just drag any file you want to encrypt into your menubar, and then send it to anyone in your Address Book also running DropKey. See a quick video describing how it works here.

It really couldn’t be any simpler. This app came out about a few weeks ago, and I thought about buying it. Now that it’s free, there really is no excuse if you need to protect your files.

Mac App Store Link

– via The Loop


2 Comments on “DropKey Free on the Mac App Store”

  1. Remove this article – trademark infringement!

    • Evan Brus says:

      I do not believe this article constitutes trademark infringement. It reports on the (former) existence of a product. I do not own this product or claim to hold a trademark. Nor do I receive any financial compensation of any kind from this site.

      Please use the email address found in my about page if you need to contact me further.

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