Proprietor of TomsBrickYard Arrested

Thomas Langenbach, a multimillionaire VP at SAP Labs in Paolo Alto, sold LEGO on eBay as a side business. His username, TomsBrickYard, had a great rating and sold over 1400 sets.

Problem is, those sales were built on a scam. Langenbach bought his sets at Target before reselling them at near market value. The twist is that he created his own fake barcode stickers to paste on boxes and lower Target’s prices. When a cashier scanned his purchases, everything would ring up substantially below MSRP, and he earned a healthy profit. Needless to say, he got caught and was arraigned today.

Who knows why a millionaire software executive would scam Target for cheap LEGO, but it certainly makes me more wary of buying online. I like to think that the AFOL community is above-ground and honest, but Langenbach was about as big as it gets in the set collecting world. Thankfully he wasn’t on Bricklink, where I buy my parts.

One Comment on “Proprietor of TomsBrickYard Arrested”

  1. Ralph says:

    It’s truly odd to think this guy actually has “money” and yet went through all the trouble to print bar codes… placing his job, and lifestyle at risk to resell a toy for a few bucks. Scary to think there could be others doing this too.

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