Do you remember… the Future?

Masashi Togami of Team BTTF wasn’t finished after his Back to the Future DeLorean project hit 10k on CUUSOO in April. He’s back with two more great models, and he needs your support.

The first is a remote-controlled UCS DeLorean built by the inimitable Legohaulic. It doesn’t have as many play features as the minifig-scale car, but this has the advantage of actually driving! The larger scale leads to much more movie-accurate detail, although I wouldn’t expect it to hit 88 mph with those tiny motors. I’d imagine that anyone owning this model would have to continually resist lighting the tires on fire before driving into the distance.

Next is a mini-scale Hill Valley Courthouse. The pivotal building throughout the entire movie trilogy can be altered to match its 2015 appearance or the classical style from 1955. The building comes with a tiny DeLorean and even connects to LEGO’s Mini Modular buildings. This is a must for anyone seeking to recreate Hill Valley’s town square or the climactic lightning scene.

If you’d like to support Team BTTF’s next efforts (and why wouldn’t you?), then visit their CUUSOO pages to vote for the UCS DeLorean and HIll Valley Courthouse. With enough support, maybe LEGO will release an entire commemorative theme for the 30th anniversary of BTTF coming up in 2015. As George McFly reminds us, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

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