Drag away Safari’s address and search bar

Notice anything funny about that Safari window? The usual address bar and search box are gone, replaced with empty space.

To pull this off, simply hold the Command key. Then click the address bar, drag it off the window, and release to see it poof away. Get it back by right-clicking on the space where it used to be and choosing “Customize Toolbar.” There might even be some other useful stuff hiding in this menu that you’d like to add. As far as I know, you can’t do this in Chrome or Firefox.

It’s definitely not something you’d want to do every day, but removing this could make a fun prank to pull on a fellow Mac user. A more useful scenario would be a kiosk where you don’t want users surfing away from whatever website is preloaded. Removing the address bar also kills the command-L and command-option-F keyboard shortcuts, making it nearly impossible to navigate the web. Beware though, since any bookmarks can still be opened with the mouse or keyboard. Of course, it’s easy to swipe those away too…


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