Who is Evan Brus?
I’m a recent college graduate living in Madison, WI. I studied Zoology and French in school, but my hobby is writing about Apple and LEGO.

Why LEGO and Apple?
The simple reason is that I enjoy both. I’ve used Macs since I could hold a mouse and LEGO even longer. I see many similarities between the two companies, and each has a passionate and fascinating community surrounding it.

What will I find here?
As the name suggests, legomac is primarily about Apple and LEGO products. For Apple, this includes new hardware and software news, app reviews, and commentary on current events. I try to split up the LEGO news between new set releases, company information, and noteworthy creations I’ve found online or built myself. There are also plenty of things I enjoy that don’t fall into those two categories – you’ll find them in Other.

What won’t I find?

  • Rumors and rampant speculation. I like my news to be factual, and I assume you do too. I might comment sarcastically on a particularly ridiculous rumor from time to time, but if you want the latest Digitimes dirt, there are plenty of other places to find it.
  • Up-to-the-minute news coverage. I have jobs and school in real life, and I write legomac when I have time. I’ll usually cover something if it’s important, but I’m never the first. This is a hobby, not a primary source.

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