​I’m attending grad school in ASU now, so it’s goodbye Wisconsin and hello Arizona! After a lengthy car ride across the US, my fiancée, my LEGO bucket, and I have safely arrived in Phoenix. It’s a nice city, but I miss the trees from back home, and I wish the city wasn’t so spread out. I’m not sure yet how grad school will cut into my precious blogging time, but I’ll find a way to keep it up!

​Since I’m now living with a saguaro cactus in my front yard, I figured I needed a photo of one! Bruce Lowell is happy to oblige with his creation from last year.  Notice the clever modification of his classic Lowell Sphere technique to create such a fluid shape.

Mountain Lion

In case you haven’t heard, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is available to purchase from the Mac App Store for $19.99. My MacBook is too old to run it, so I can’t say from firsthand experience how good it is. But others seem to like it, and I’d trust the likes of Macworld and John Siracusa more than me anyway.

Analysts disappoint in lower-than-expected accuracy regarding Apple Q3 profits

Craig Grannell rips open the habitually incompetent analysts who can’t for the life of them figure out Apple’s earnings.​

“We hear there are ongoing problems in European economies, which strengthened the US dollar, and the new iPhone’s obviously on the way, but we never bother to factor such things into our figures,” she said. “Instead, we just take Apple’s guidance figures, add a small chunk and cross our fingers. But in again using what we thought was a foolproof method, we nonetheless managed another miss.”

Tweetbot for Mac released in public alpha

If you use the iOS client, you really should try this. While I’m not head over heels in love with Tweetbot, it is insanely popular for a reason. If the design doesn’t turn you off, it’s hands-down the best Twitter client available.

Some pertinent advice from Shawn Blanc

First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of posts here recently. I’ve been very busy working, preparing to move across the country, and getting engaged. But that’s no excuse for neglecting my site, and Shawn Blanc inadvertently cranked up my guilt yesterday.

His list of 50 things he’s learned about publishing a weblog really got me back into the writing mindset. The first piece of advice: Show up everyday. So here I am, and I’ll be back again tomorrow. I’ve missed a lot of interesting news over the last couple weeks, and I’m eager to catch up.


I’m impressed by Mike Nieves’ towering Kohrak – I was a Bionicle kid and collected all of these little guys when they were released back in 2002. Mike’s remake (styled as the original Kohrak’s son) is a massive improvement, easily capable of squashing any Toa. I’m pleased to see that he chose to remake the white one, since they were always my favorite. Don’t miss his sharp new name tag at the bottom either.

14 Must-Know Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X

A great list from OS X Daily. I expected to know most of them but instead came away surprised at how many helpful keyboard shortcuts I wasn’t using. Copy and Move files in the Finder is a real show-stopper, as is instant force quit.

Star Wars Dark Bucket Declined

Haru’s popular Dark Bucket project on CUUSOO hit 10,000 supporters a few days ago, but LEGO has archived the project due to the lack of building pieces. LEGO’s Star Wars license is for construction toys, not action figures (that’s held by LEGO rival Hasbro.) So without any bricks, there’s no way LEGO could legally produce this set. Still though, LEGO’s got the message that fans want lots of minifigures and hopefully will produce some great battle packs in the future. Congrats to Haru on bringing this unmet desire to LEGO’s attention, even if they can’t produce it exactly this way!