UCS Sandcrawler reaches 10,000 on CUUSOO

​CUUSOO is churning out some truly impressive models, the latest of which is marshal banana‘s massive UCS Sandcrawler. This is undoubtedly the epitome of AFOL building, featuring a minifig-scale model with furnished interior, power functions, and light bricks. Not exactly cost-effective to produce, but drool-worthy nonetheless. It’s worth noting that the creator is the first to achieve two successful CUUSOO projects, with his Modular Western Town having reached 10,000 votes earlier this spring.

​While I’m not optimistic that LEGO will want to spend so much money on such a huge and detailed set, there’s no reason why they couldn’t scale it down a little and turn a decent profit on another UCS model. I imagine that a halfway-decent Sandcrawler would sell quite well, given the inherent “playset” characteristics of such a large machine.


​​(I must admit that I have a special fondness for Sandcrawlers due to playing Star Wars: Droid Builder many years ago, in which a lot of time is spent running like crazy through the interior of a Sandcrawler testing new droids.)

Star Wars Dark Bucket Declined

Haru’s popular Dark Bucket project on CUUSOO hit 10,000 supporters a few days ago, but LEGO has archived the project due to the lack of building pieces. LEGO’s Star Wars license is for construction toys, not action figures (that’s held by LEGO rival Hasbro.) So without any bricks, there’s no way LEGO could legally produce this set. Still though, LEGO’s got the message that fans want lots of minifigures and hopefully will produce some great battle packs in the future. Congrats to Haru on bringing this unmet desire to LEGO’s attention, even if they can’t produce it exactly this way!

May the Fourth be with you!

It’s unofficial Star Wars Day, and Legoagogo has a nice vignette for the occasion.

If you’re in the market for some new Star Wars purchases, keep in mind that LEGO runs an annual promotion today. This year each order over $75 gets free shipping and an exclusive chromed TC-14 minifigure. Everyone also gets a free promotional R2-D2 poster. I also hear that 10212 Imperial Shuttle and 10221 Super Star Destroyer are 20% off for the day if you want to drop a couple hundred bucks in celebration!

New UCS R2-D2 revealed on YouTube

Everyone’s favorite astromech is looking better than ever.

Edit: Looks like LEGO pulled the video. Hope you saw it earlier – this happens a lot with LEGO’s product intros.

Edit 2: LEGO has now officially announced R2-D2, weighing in at 2,127 parts and $180. He features a retractable third leg, extendable circular saw, and computer jack. There’s a plethora of official images on Flickr.

New LEGO at the London Toy Fair

As they do every year, LEGO has shown off its 2012 lineup in London, and it’s looking good so far. Unfortunately, photography of the sets is not allowed, so we have to make do with descriptions from people who saw them in person. The booth’s outside is fair game, so plenty of exterior wall pictures are floating around. Gleaning from my favorite LEGO sites, like Brickset, Smashing Bricks, and FBTB, here’s what was revealed.

Lord of the Rings: The most anticipated new theme kicks off in August with seven sets: Gandalf Arrives, Shelob Attacks, Uruk-Hai Army, Attack on Weathertop, The Mines of Moria, The Battle of Helm’s Deep, and The Orc Forge. Yes, Gollum is featured in Shelob’s Attack, and we get a tiny ring to slip on Frodo. You can see it in the photo above. Other news includes a new horse figure with rotating legs and the fantastically detailed figures. You have to purchase multiple sets to get the whole Fellowship, the collection is sure to be very popular. I’d expect Hobbit sets to come next year, after the movie’s Christmas release.

Super Heroes: Last year featured DC sets, so we get Marvel and the Avengers this year. Many sets seem to be pulled directly from the upcoming Avengers film, so we see a lot of Loki as the main villain. Captain America’s Avenging Cycle looks to be a great low-cost set for my favorite Avenger, and we also get Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown, Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape, Hulk’s Hellcarrier Breakout, and Quinjet Aerial Battle. The minifig stars are undoubtedly Iron Man, with a flip-up helmet, and the Hulk’s massive new mold. He looks a lot like the big Orcs from a few years ago or the Wampa.

Monster Hunters: This is a new theme, featuring a Halloween-style monster paired with a hunter in each set that resembles something out of Adventurers. The theme looks interesting, but it’s clearly not a priority for LEGO this year. It probably won’t sell terribly well next to the promising LOTR and Star Wars sets that always steal the show. Personally, it reminds me a lot of the classic movie monsters from the old LEGO Studios sets in the early 2000s. Figures look good, with Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, a new Ghost, and a Swamp Creature. The heroes also look great, and I particularly like the robotic arm on one, à la Ash from the Evil Dead series. The whole thing seems very retro.

Star Wars: Three new planet sets: Yavin 4, Bespin, and Endor. The included vehicles are a mini X-Wing, a Cloud Car, and an AT-ST. For traditional models, we get General Grievous’s Malevolence flagship (obviously nowhere near minfig scale), Saesee Tin’s Jedi Starfighter, the Desert Skiff, Jabba’s Palace, and Gungan Sub. There are also some Expanded Universe sets this year, with Striker-Class Starfighter and Fury-Class Interceptor. I’m not familiar with those ships, so there isn’t much for me to say. All reports confirm that Jabba’s Palace is the standout, with a posable Jabba, Salacious Crumb, Boussh, and Oola. I am eager to see the new Queen Amidala figure included with the Gungan Sub. As usual, minifies are the standout from what is an increasingly stale lineup of redesigned sets.

Friends: Eight more sets on the horizon, with lots of horses (modified so they can be ridden this time). Mia’s Bedroom, Andrea’s Bunny House, Olivia’s Speedboat, Heartlake Flying Club, and Summer Riding Camp are very close to what I predicted with my snooping through the instruction manual a few weeks ago.

Miscellaneous: Ninjago gets a green ninja and a massive new dragon, as well as the new snake villains. Series 7 of the collectible minifigs was on display, and some massive new Technic sets. There are three Advent Calendars this year – Star Wars, with a Santa Darth Maul, City, and Friends. Now new sets are slated for Dino or Cars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien Conquest, and Harry Potter are set to exit in July. Looks like it’s time for me to get my hands on Earth Defense HQ before it’s retired!

That’s about all the notable news, though I recommend looking at Brickset for a more detailed coverage broken down by theme. I look forward to seeing more pictures later in the year, but this is a nice taste of 2012 so far. It looks like a good year, depending on the quality of the LOTR sets.

Advent Update

The constant advent calendar updates are cluttering up the site, and the time it takes to write a description on Flickr and another one here is prohibitive. Therefore, I’ve decided to continue to post updates to Flickr for the rest of December but not here. There isn’t much one can write about a daily model anyways. So follow along with the City and Star Wars calendars on my photostream, and I’ll get back to writing more here rather than just posting photos. There are some really big things happening, like Carrier IQ, that I’d like to focus on for a change!

Dec 1st (Star Wars)



The first post, the first misstep. I didn’t get this up last night since I was busy applying for grad schools, but here it is. Better late than never I suppose. 

It’s a rather accurate and swooshable Republic Cruiser. I’m really looking forward to these tiny ships – I can tell there will be some creative parts usage to get all the details in such a small package.

Vic Venator

I just couldn’t let Novvember pass by without building a Viper. It isn’t terribly eye-catching, but in this case the trick is in the details. I built my version only from the parts found in the Target polybag set 30053 Republic Attack Cruiser. That means lots and lots of these and not much else. So although it’s in mini scale, it’s possibly the largest Viper around.

Head over to Flickr if you’d like to see more.