LEGO’s 80th Birthday

Today marks the 80th anniversary of LEGO’s founding under Ole Kirk Christiansen, although the plastic bricks we know today wouldn’t come until much later.​ Commemorating the occasion, the LEGO Group has released a short animated video chronicling the company’s history. It’s worth a look – you just might learn something!

Oh, and if you’re planning on buying a set to celebrate, LEGO is giving every online order of $50 or more a free exclusive birthday cake set. This sweet deal runs until Monday (August 13, 2012).

LEGO artists showcase

PBS’s Off Book series takes a look at LEGO art with this episode, featuring Sean Kenney, Alex Kobbs, and Nathan Sawaya. The scale and quality of work here is exceptional, including the stop-motion animation. I’m not usually a fan of brickfilms, but Alex does a great job. The artists each have unique reasons to use LEGO, but you can feel their common enthusiasm and respect for the brick.

– via The Verge